Search for sustainable materials

Reducing material use, looking for materials that are reusable and have a lower footprint, developing new products from residual materials: we are committed to this on a  structural basis. Together with our partners in the supply chain, we develop new circular concepts. After all, our company constitutes only a small part; we supply the end product for the kitchen or bathroom. This is why cooperation in the areas of development and marketing is of crucial importance!

Lightweight panel: Greengridz®

In 2012, together with our partners, we developed the lightweight sandwich panel Greengridz® that can serve as a core for kitchen and bathroom worktops. As a result, approximately 60% less wood or raw material is used (at a thickness of 38 mm) and the core is much lighter, which also has a positive effect on working conditions and transport. With Greengridz® we have won the National Innovation and Sustainability Award Home Decor in 2015. And in 2019 we were included in the Hall of Fame of the MVO-Register.

The impact was tested by KEMA and results in a 59% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional plywood panels. Within the project market, 51% of the laminate worktops supplied now have a core of the lightweight Greengridz®. In the total market this is currently 41%.


Wood is an important raw material for us. Because of our commitment to eco-friendliness, we only purchase wood products that are 100% certified; FSC® or PEFC. This means that standards have to be met for sustainable harvesting, processing and planting. The certifying bodies also monitor the working conditions in the forestry sector.

Plans for the future: circular panel material from waste flows

Together with our partners, we are developing the materials of the future, such as circular materials for worktops. We use, for example, waste flows from PET, quartz and cellulose fibres from paper.