Evora Ceramics

Ceramics (Evora® Ceramics) offers a wide choice of colours and comes in calm natural tones as well as distinct marble prints. Ceramics consists mainly of clay powder that is printed and pressed under very high pressure and temperature.

Evora Ceramics worktop

Due to the production process, the material is extremely scratch and heat resistant. But it is less chip-resistant: so beware of impacts near the edges.

Evora Ceramics is available in uni-colors or with a marble or concrete look. Various surface finishes are possible, such as a high gloss or a natural matt finish. There are even finishes with the effect of oxidized metal.

Specifications Ceramics

  • Maximum dimensions: 320/319 x 150 cm (please note: some colours are only available up to 320 x 120 cm)
  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • Weight: 17 kg/m2 (based on 40 mm thickened worktop)
  • Finishes: honed, lux, river-washed, silk, velvet

Finish and properties

Because of the closed surface, the worktop is thoroughly waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean. An Evora Ceramics kitchen worktop can be finished with an edge up to 100 mm. The square edge is created using the V-groove technique, enabling the texture to roll over into the edge.

Properties Evora Ceramics

  • heat-resistant up to 450°C
    scratch-resistant, be more careful with a polished (Lux) surface
    non-porous and waterproof
    hygienic: does not absorb food residues
    almost seamlessly integrated sink

Easy to maintain

Evora Ceramics is easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning, simply wipe down the worktop with clean soapy water and dry it with a cloth. Would you like more practical tips about how to care for this worktop? Read more about it in the maintenance advice.

Colour collection Evora Ceramics

Below, you will find all the colours of the Evora Ceramics collection. You can also visit the Dekker Trend Centre (NL). There, all expressive colours are shown in big slabs. The showroom can be visited by appointment only.

Collection Evora Ceramics