A DecorTop® kitchen worktop is a very beautiful, user-friendly material with a natural look. Due to the extra thick laminate, DecorTop® has a distinct deep, coarse texture and is available in various exclusive colours. Because of its natural colour and texture, a DecorTop® kitchen worktop gives the feeling of real wood or stone. 

DecorTop® worktop

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is composed of multiple layers soaked in melamine resin that are compressed under high pressure into an extra thick laminate. The core material is plywood, chipboard or Greengridz®.

Make a conscious choice with Greengridz®

Greengridz is a new core material for kitchen worktops with a sustainable character. This innovative, waterproof material is FSC® certified and leaves a smaller ecological footprint than the conventional plywood. Still, it has the same properties as plywood and can be finished with all TopLaminaat, DecorTop and Fenix colours. This proves that convenience and design can go hand in hand with environmental friendliness. 

Finish and properties

The edge of the worktop is finished in the same colour and can be from 20 mm to 98 mm thick. Does this decorative kitchen worktop that has an atmosphere of warm wood or robust stone appeal to you? If so, keep in mind that DecorTop® has a black core which creates a thin black line in the edge finish. This looks beautiful with darker colours, and forms a nice contrast with lighter shades.

In addition to the edge finishing of the worktop with DecorTop, an ABS/PP edge finishing is possible with 10 colours of DecorTop. This material is even more impact-resistant and does not have a dark edge on the corner edge.  This is possible for the colours Braveheart, Cosmic, Clay, Craft, Eclipse, Ethnic, Nature, Ranger, Rocket and Treasure.

Specifications DecorTop®

  • Maximum dimensions: 510x60 and 400x120 cm
  • Thickness: 20 to 98 mm
  • Weight: Greengridz® 38 mm 8kg/m2, plywood 38 mm 18kg/m2, chipboard 38 mm 25kg/m2
  • Specifics: extra thick laminate, exclusive colours, unique coarse texture

Properties DecorTop®

  • unique colours and surface textures
  • extra thick laminate
  • waterproof (with plywood and Greengridz®)
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain 
  • flush-mount, semi-undermount and top-mount sink possible
  • good value for money

Easy to maintain

For everyday cleaning, simply wipe down the worktop with soapy water and dry it with a clean cloth. However, due to the deeper texture, the pores can contain more dirt. This worktop therefore requires slightly more intensive cleaning than worktops with a smoother surface. 

Would you like more practical information about the maintenance of a DecorTop® kitchen worktop? Read more about it in the maintenance advice.

Colour collection DecorTop®

Below, you will find all the colours of the DecorTop collection. You can also visit the Dekker Trend Centre in Zevenhuizen (NL). There, all expressive colours are shown in big slabs. The Dekker Trend Centre can be visited by appointment only.


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