Evora Granite

Granite (Evora® Granite) is 100% natural. How the stone is mined, is exactly how it is used for the worktop. Different patterns can be discovered in a granite kitchen worktop all the time, and its shade adapts to the light and decor of the kitchen.

Evora Compact Granite worktop

Because no two slabs of granite are the same, and even within the same quarry the colours and textures of the stone vary, every granite kitchen worktop is truly unique.

Evora Compact Granite

Evora Compact Granite® owes its name to its fully glued underlayment, which makes the worktop on the kitchen like a solid piece. A big difference compared to the traditional way of thickening! By gluing the 12 mm granite to a sandwich panel core, the worktop is supported 100%, making it a lot more stable. Another advantage is that less expensive raw material is needed to enjoy the luxurious look of granite.

Specifications Granite

  • maximum dimensions: 270 x 135 cm
  • Belgian Bluestone 250 x 120 cm
  • Thickness: 12 mm Evora Compact Granite
  • Weight: 53 kg/m2
  • Surface texture: (p) Polished, (h) Honed, (a) Antique/flamed, (l) Lapato

Properties Granite

  • unique (not one worktop is the same)
  • robust, expressive and timeless appearance
  • durable
  • scratch-resistant
  • heat-resistant
  • resistant to acids and many (also non-) household chemicals

Finish and properties

Granite is a mineral that is formed deep in the stratum by the solidification of liquid minerals, including quartz. In the course of millions of years it is pushed upwards by natural forces. The blocks of granite that are mined are taken directly to the factory, where they are processed into slabs. These coarse slabs are then ground and polished, honed or flamed, giving them a shiny or antique look, which gives the kitchen its luxurious appearance.
There are several variants: polished granite (high gloss), honed granite (so called eggshell gloss), flamed granite (antique) or Lapato, a matt texture which is created by high gloss polishing of the surface.

Easy to maintain

It is usually sufficient to wipe down the granite kitchen worktop daily with an all-purpose cleaner and then dry it. Because granite is porous, it is important that you impregnate the worktop regularly. Would you like more practical tips about caring for an Evora Granite kitchen worktop? Read more about it in the maintenance advice.

Colour collection Evora Compact Granite

Below, you will find all the colours of the Evora Compact Granite collection. You can also visit the Dekker Trend Centre in Zevenhuizen (NL). There, all expressive colours are shown in big slabs. The showroom can be visited by appointment only.

Collection Evora Granite