Evora Quartz

Engineered Stone (Evora® Quartz) consists mainly of quartz, just like granite. This gives it the same natural look. But unlike granite, it is a composite product containing minerals, binding resins and pigments.

Evora Quartz worktop

Because of these added materials, engineered stone has some advantages. The combination of minerals, resin and the manufacturing process makes the top more resistant to acids and makes it less porous. In addition, many colours and textures are possible, from Belgian bluestone to marble designs.

Finish and properties

Various surface finishes are possible: polished, honed, silt, antique and wave. Each finish gives the worktop its own distinctive look. The worktop thickness is standard 12 mm or 20 mm, but the worktop can be finished with an edge of up to 100 mm thick.

Specifications Evora Quartz

  • maximum dimensions regular: 300 x 135 cm
  • maximum dimensions jumbo: 321 x 155 cm (not every colour is available in the Jumbo size)
  • Thickness: 12 mm or 20 mm
  • Weight: 33 kg/m2 (12 mm)
  • Surface texture: Polished (p), Honed (h), Velvet (v)

Properties Evora Quartz

  • natural look
  • 100% waterproof
  • scratch-resistant
  • hygienic
  • heat-resistant
  • many colours
  • low-maintenance
  • very easy to use
  • PITT Cooking possible

Easy to maintain

Evora Quartz is easy to maintain. For everyday cleaning, simply wipe down the worktop with clean soapy water and dry it with a cloth. Would you like more practical tips about caring for a composite stone worktop? Read more about it in the maintenance advice.

Colour collection Evora Quartz

Below, you will find all the colours of the Evora Quartz collection. You can also visit the Dekker Trend Centre in Zevenhuizen (NL). There, all expressive colours are shown in big slabs. The showroom can be visited by appointment only.


Collection Evora Quartz