Marble dessin

Marble has been used in kitchens since ancient times and is trendy again. With marble you create a luxurious and timeless atmosphere that is easy to combine with different styles. From a modern to a classic kitchen, with a marble worktop you can't go wrong.

Marble look worktop

Bear in mind that this natural product is expensive and requires relatively more maintenance. Fortunately, nowadays you can choose from a wide range of stunning alternatives. Materials with a marble look that are indistinguishable from real marble, but are affordable.

Marble look in many colors

Marble is very popular because it comes in a wide variety of colours. For example, there is classic white or black marble, marble in natural sand tones or even romantic pink marble. To make the choice even more extensive, within this wide colour palette you can choose from plain or more marbled patterns.

Marble goes perfectly with the current kitchen trends

The marble look fits in perfectly with the kitchen trends. This is because it can be combined with natural materials such as raw wood, weathered metal and copper. Or maybe you prefer a warm classic look, by combining marble with gold and green.

Marble look kitchen worktop materials

At Dekker, we offer most of our materials in a beautiful marble look with properties that make them ideal for use in the kitchen. For example our kitchen worktops made of TopLaminaat®, DecorTop® or TopCore®. These materials are versatile and are more affordable and easier to maintain than real marble.
In 'stone' as well, there are several marble look-alikes. Examples are engineered stone, ceramics and Dekton.