Obsidiana durable kitchen worktop

Obsidiana consists of 100% recycled glass with resin. These materials are compressed into blocks and stored for curing. Subsequently, slabs are sawn that can be processed into kitchen worktops. Because no heating is used in the production of Obsidiana, makes the material even more durable! 

Do not hesitate any longer between traditional composite stone and this sustainable variant, because the material has the same properties and appearance. With the greatest advantage that it already consists of recycled materials. The Obsidiana collection from Dekker Zevenhuizen contains different colors so that a durable kitchen worktop is available for every kitchen.

100% recyclable Obsidiana

The material undergoes a sustainable manufacturing process after which it can be processed into a kitchen worktop. Obsidiana is waterproof, impact-resistant and wear-resistant, making it extremely suitable for use in the kitchen. The fact that it consists of recycled materials and can be recycled endlessly after use makes Obsidiana a truly sustainable choice for the kitchen.

Finish and application

All colors are available in a polished (p) finish. The slab thickness is standard 12 mm, but the worktop can be finished with an edge up to 100 mm thick.

Properties Obsidiana

  • - Sustainable production and 100% recyclable
  • - natural look
  • - 100% waterproof
  • - scratch resistant under normal use
  • - hygienic
  • - quite resistant to heat
  • - easy to maintain
  • - PITT cooking possible

Practical in maintenance

Obsidiana worktop is easy to maintain. With daily use, you can clean the kitchen worktop with soapy water and dry it with a cloth. Would you like more practical information about the maintenance of an Obsidiana kitchen worktop? Read more about it in the maintenance advice.