Terrazzo dessin

The terrazzo technique is hundreds of years old. In the fifteenth-century, Venetian workers found a new practical use for rejected waste material from the marble quarry: they used it to pave the terraces around their houses. Now, many centuries later, terrazzo is more popular than ever. Also in the kitchen!

Terrazzo look worktop

No matter how beautiful a kitchen worktop is, the material must be practical and fit the budget. Fortunately, there are materials with the same appearance as terrazzo, but with completely different properties. There are lookalikes in different price ranges, so that anyone can enjoy this centuries-old trend in their home.

Terrazzo in the TopLaminaat® collection

Terrazzo Classic has a classic terrazzo print. But TopLaminaat is more affordable and much easier to maintain than real terrazzo. Terrazzo Grey is a refined variant. Grey and black form the basis, but the worktop also has white specks.

Terrazzo in the collection Evora Quartz® 

The advantage of engineered stone is that it is non-porous, durable and resistant to household acids. Excellent properties. New in terrazzo is Evora Quartz Naga, with black and white. If you opt for black and you want something special, you should definitely consider Argus.

Terrazzo in the Corian collection

Corian offers beautiful terrazzo looks too. For example, the new colours Pebble Terrazzo (grey), Basalt Terrazzo (black) and Domino Terrazzo (white-grey). They have all the good qualities of solid surface: the worktop surface is virtually impenetrable, and minor scratches or nicks can be easily repaired. On top of that, almost all shapes are possible. Going big is also an option, as the material can be glued together seamlessly.