Sustainable materials for your worktop

Living sustainably is becoming increasingly more important, and also in the kitchen you can nowadays opt for sustainable options. Think of a water-saving faucet or energy-efficient appliances, but did you know that your worktop can also be sustainable?

Sustainable worktops

Reducing material usage, searching for reusable materials with a lower environmental footprint, and developing new products from leftover materials are all possibilities to achieve sustainable kitchen worktops. The development of new circular concepts makes various choices possible when it comes to a sustainable worktop.


TopLaminate®, DecorTop® and FENIX® 0.9 worktops also have sustainable variations. In these cases, the base layer consists of Greengridz: a lightweight material which is not only much more sustainable than plywood or chipboard, but also excels in terms of quality.

Cosmolite and Obsidiana

Cosmolite® and Obsidiana have a unique appearance as the latest worktops, made of recycled minerals or glass. And on top of that, these worktops are not just made of recycled materials, these can also be 100% recycled!

Greengridz: sustainable worktop

Greengridz® is an innovative, award-winning and patented core material for worktops, which can be laminated with TopLaminate, DecorTop of FENIX. This sustainable, waterproof material leaves a smaller ecological footprint than plywood, which is commonly used in the production of worktops. Explore the many other benefits Greengridz offers:

  • More resistant to impact damage than plywood
  • More resistant to water damage than plywood
  • More stable and lighter than plywood
  • More cost-effective than plywood
  • Available in thicknesses of 25, 32, 38, 50, 60, 80 mm

The green benefits of Greengridz

The production of Greengridz requires fewer raw materials in comparison to traditional worktops. This results in a relatively smaller ecological footprint, however it boasts even more green features: the production process is namely also environmentally friendly. It is FSC-certified, and the base material is Carb2-certified. On top of that, because Greengridz is a lightweight material, less fuel is required for transportation. This results in a reduced total amount of CO2 emission in the entire production process. And it doesn’t end here, it is also more cost-effective than conventional base materials!

Cosmolite: Luxurious worktops made of … waste!

Could industrial waste be considered beautiful? Anyone who has seen the latest worktop of Dekker Zevenhuizen will wholeheartedly say yes! Cosmolite® is entirely made of minerals originating from industrial waste, sourced from the stone industry, mixed with resin. It possesses the same properties as traditional composite stone, but is 100% recyclable.

Long-veined patterns

Slabs made of the base material are pressed one by one, which creates these beautiful long-veined patterns. Dekker processes these slabs into worktops-worktops which can be endlessly recycled after use. Waste no more!


  • Reuses marble and natural stone waste
  • 100% recyclable
  • Thickness of 12 mm
  • 8 concrete and marble-look colours

From Ice to Black

The colour palette of Cosmolite comprises eight colours ranging from light to dark, from calm to veined. A must-have for the modern sustainable kitchen!

Worktop material obsidiana is everlasting

After the development of the award-winning, environmentally friendly Greengridz, Dekker Zevenhuizen did not stay put. Once again, the family business introduces an innovative sustainable material: Obsidiana.

Recycled glass

This new high-tech material is made entirely from recycled glass and resin. Blocks are made from the compressed material, which are then cut into slabs, which in turn can be processed into worktops. And not just once, but this can be done infinitely. This composite can namely be reused over and over again!


  • Reuses glass waste
  • 100% recyclable
  • Thickness of 12 mm
  • 6 vibrant colours


The Obsidiana collection features six colours with tranquil patterns: Volcano Cloud, Volcano Grey, Volcano Light, Volcano Pierre Bleue, Volcano Pearl and Volcano Dark. Tailored for the informed consumer with a taste for quality!