Dekker Zevenhuizen is a 100% family business, and continuity is our main goal. That's why we are committed to corporate social responsibility. We don't seek short-term profits and returns, but want to meet today's demand without compromising the needs of future generations.

This is about much more than just the environment. It concerns the whole context of entrepreneurship, in other words, human, social and economic aspects. This loyalty to the future applies to the design of the production process, as well as to how we treat our employees, how we address supply chain issues and how the immediate environment is affected. Our motto is: 'Just do it'.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is what Julia Chatelain (Director Reporting and Assurance at the CSR-Register) says about Dekker:

"Many companies claim that sustainability is in their DNA, but at Dekker Zevenhuizen this is really the case. They entered the highest level immediately and their CSR Report shows that, over the last years and in all relevant areas, they have progressively steered towards sustainable products, good employment practices and contributing to society. As this report shows, Dekker has managed to rank among the top in the CSR-Register right away".

CSR Management 'Sustainable Dekker' is committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility as they are outlined in ISO 26000 guidelines. We use the CSR-Register to define these principles and make them clear to all stakeholders. Part of the CSR management system is a CSR impact analysis and integration of stakeholder interests. This results in a materiality matrix that shows the relevant CSR topics for our company and our stakeholders.

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