Good employment practices

We believe that being a good employer is crucial for the continuity of our company. This requires sharing with and investing in people, and that is what we do: we offer good working conditions, especially when it comes to the working environment and facilities, and let our employees share in the results of the company. We value long-term relationships that give job security, and we want to be an attractive employer.

Jobs for vulnerable groups

Acceptance and integration of people with disabilities or an above-average distance to the labour market typifies our company. These people work in positions and/or tasks that are suitable for them: employees from Robedrijf (the sheltered employment agency of the municipality of Rotterdam) have started working in various departments in the factory. They make up about 3% of the employees of Dekker Zevenhuizen.

Fair compensation Our organization stands for providing fair compensation. We have excellent primary and secondary terms of employment for our employees.

Safe and healthy working environment

We strive to offer our employees a working environment in which they can and want to work, also for longer periods of time. For a healthy and safe working environment, we have to constantly monitor the work load and work capacity; falling ill as a result of work is a signal to start an investigation. Managers have the responsibility to prevent situations of abuse; the prevention officer, confidential advisor and occupational health and safety coordinator form a safety net within the organization with regard to safety and health issues.

In order to identify, monitor and minimise occupational risks, we use risk inventory and evaluation. All safety incidents are registered with P&O; a report is drawn up for each incident. Periodically, the reports are discussed with the QHSE coordinator and the occupational health and safety service.

Development of our employees

Our policy is strongly focused on the development of our employees. To this end, we have a large training budget and offer a variety of training opportunities (both voluntary and mandatory job-related training). We participate in the ECM academy. In several departments, employees take part in a development/training/rotation program, with the aim of making them versatile. As a result, almost all employees in the production departments have the skills to perform tasks in different work areas.

Involving employees

The interaction with employees is something we pay much attention to. As a result, signals from the organisation reach the right place. The meetings with the Works Council, the quarterly presentations by the management to the employees and the annual personal 360-degree interview contribute to the verification of the implemented policy. Central to this is the involvement of the employees.