Collab Dekker & Osiris “The Bone Kitchen” at the Dutch Pavilion, Masterly


Osiris Hertman Studio’s presents The Bone Kitchen: a high-profile kitchen design. This multifunctional interior unit consists of a luxurious translucent Cambria composite stone kitchen worktop combined with the electronically operated all-in-one tap Selsiuz Cone Counter. Above it shines a hood from Wave which, just like the water tap, designed by Osiris Hertman.

The Bone Kitchen is the center of the presentation with the theme "Your home, your kitchen". A theme that precisely describes the collaboration between the top designer and Dekker, the manufacturer of impeccably finished kitchen worktops and accessories. In addition to Selsiuz and Wave, the product brands on display include Cambria (natural engineered stone) and Fractions. A must see!

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