AluSplash Supernova backsplash

AluSplash fits in the trends

AluSplash® continues to conquer the world of kitchen design by perfectly aligning with the latest trends. We proudly introduce the newest additions to the AluSplash Essenza collection at Dekker Zevenhuizen, where style, functionality and innovation come together. The four new colours, Milky Way, Supernova, Mystical and Cosmic seamlessly fit into current trends and bring a breath of fresh air into kitchen design. Whether you choose for light tones inspired by the Milky Way, warm radiant colours like a Supernova, natural hues for Mystical tranquility, or deep earthy tones with Cosmic power, AluSplash Essenza makes your kitchen shine!

A world of colours

Milky Way creates a light and spacious atmosphere, perfectly aligned with the Lightness trend. Supernova radiates like a sunny explosion, giving your kitchen an inviting and warm feel. Mystical embraces natural tranquility and fits seamlessly into the Nature Rock trend, while Cosmic strikes the perfect balance between earthly and modern, making it suitable for both Lightness and Nature Rock trends. Discover your perfect clour and give your kitchen a new dimension!

Stylish, functional and sustainable

Beyond their stunning aesthetics, AluSplash Essenza also offer a range of practical benefits. These backsplashes are not only stylish, but also heat-resistant and easty to clean, making them ideal for behind the stove. With high-quality coating, quick installation and durability, AluSplash Essenza is not just a design element, but also a practical and sensible choice. So, if you are looking for an aesthetic yet functional backsplash, AluSplash Essenza is exactly what you are looking for!


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