Warranty conditions custome worktops

A kitchen worktop has a 5-year warranty

The conditions below apply:

  1. The warranty is only given on manufacturing defects and, of course, only applies when the worktop has been assembled and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Damage caused by errors before or during installation, by use other than domestic use or by improper maintenance, will therefore not be reimbursed.
  2. The warranty on the worktop (part) is void if the blade has been milled, drilled, etc.
  3. You can report any complaints to the supplier / shop; he ensures that your warranty claim (s) go to the right place.
  4. You can submit warranty claims up to 5 years after the delivery week. You can find the delivery date on the invoice.
  5. If you make a warranty claim, a service technician will come by to take the complaint. If possible, the problem will be solved on the spot. In the other case, if the claim is justified, a new worktop (part) will be delivered. No claim can be made for compensation for its placement, for nuisance, etc.
  6. Rust spots caused by external influences are not covered by the guarantee on sinks.
  7. In case of an unfounded claim, call-out costs will be charged.

You can report any complaints to the supplier / store where you bought the sheet.