Dekker is a family business based in Zevenhuizen, the Netherlands since 1930. We are highly specialised in processing high-quality materials into custom worktops for the entire interior. The worktops stand out because of their exclusive colours and sleek finish. We also offer a wide range of equally innovative and reliable kitchen and bathroom products, such as sinks, taps and lighting.

7 reasons to choose Dekker products

What are the distinguishing features of our products? Seven reasons to choose for a Dekker Zevenhuizen kitchen and/or bathroom.

  1. Innovative and distinctive

Dekker constantly scans the market. What are the developments, what are the trends? We respond directly to anything that is changing. By constantly innovating, we can offer products that have just that little bit extra. Products that are distinctive and in line with today's trends.

  1. Up-to-date

It pleases us to share the latest developments and trends. With specialist stores in kitchens and bathrooms, who receive our magazines and digital newsletters. And with you. On our social media, you will always find the latest news first, and you can read our inspiring posts. Follow us on Facebook Kitchen or Bathroom, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn!

  1. Corporate social responsibility

We are firmly committed to corporate social responsibility. That is part of who we are and the reason why our family business joined CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland) years ago. This means that in all our business decisions we strive for a careful balance between people, the planet and company profits. For instance, since we started more than 90 years ago, the satisfaction of our employees has been a priority, and we have been involved in local community activities. We have had our performance in the area of corporate social responsibility audited by the MVO-register (CSR register).

  1. Sustainable development

Dekker fully complies with the ISO standard, therefore you can be assured of the consistent quality of our products. In addition to the ISO 9001-certificate, Dekker has also been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. We are always looking for sustainable materials, and the search for environmentally friendly alternatives to the more harmful materials is embedded in our purchasing policy.

  1. Lots of choice and good information

Which worktop material would be the best option for you? What are the properties of the boiling-water taps? How can you give your bathroom a unique, personal touch? We have a line of brochures, table displays and sample cabinets to help you choose. You can find them in the showrooms of the better specialist stores in kitchens and bathrooms. The materials index with 14 different types of kitchen worktops is also a handy tool. It enables you to see at a glance what the advantages of the different materials are, and in what price range they fall.

  1. Harmony in the kitchen and bathroom

Dekker supplies custom-made worktops, washbasins and splashbacks, but also accessories such as taps and lighting. In different price ranges, and the materials are always  coordinated, to create a harmonious ensemble. With Dekker you can create a kitchen and/or bathroom that is exactly to your liking.

  1. State of the art

Dekker Zevenhuizen is a globally operating company with factories and warehouses that are among the most modern and efficient in Europe. In Zevenhuizen we have a state-of-the-art factory for the production of Toplaminaat® and Greengridz® sheets. And in Alphen aan den Rijn you can find our high-tech stone factory. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise as well as our flexibility to realise your dream design.